How many times have you heard a company say “We’re different because…”?

Some of you are guilty of saying things like this in your sales and marketing efforts. But yet if you put on your customer hat and hear things like this you almost always assume they’re likely not that much different at all!

Everyone says they’re different, but few really are.

Even those companies that aren’t much different and follow the status quo can still succeed, and that’s a good thing, but it leaves them incredibly vulnerable. It leaves them vulnerable to a competitor who’s both different AND better.

It’s hard to put ourselves in the minds of our customers, but it’s necessary to be both different, and better.

When you say something is different, it has to be different enough so when someone is exposed to your communication and messaging she says, “Oh, that’s different, and I’ve never seen it done like that before!”

New is a great way to be different, but better is a cut above.

You need to differentiate on your different. That’s the kind of difference that’s remarkable.

Today’s Key Questions:

1. What are the top five reasons someone should buy from you over your competitor?

2. What specifically makes those top five reasons different than that of your competitors?