"Noah has woven together memorable examples, detailed
common sense and an innate understanding of what
makes a business thrive. Hunting for new customers
wherever you can find them doesn't make a whole
lot of sense."

--Seth Godin, Author, All Marketers are Liars

"...the lessons are solid and thought-provoking and
should prove a genuine eye-opener for many
business owners and managers."

--Publishers Weekly

“Fleming presents a thought-provoking look at cultivating
and promoting good customer relations and
customer loyalty to a business.”

--Library Journal

“Fleming’s framework allows us to ask: are we merely
‘adrenaline junkies’ chasing the high of the next
customer acquisition, or are we cultivating
a sustainable business?”


“… full of really valuable information on rethinking how
you approach customer service… kind of book
you can open up to any page and learn
something new.”



Consulting and advising for when you want to
discover the goldmine of profits hiding inside
of your business, and then add them straight
to your bottom line.

“His approach was subtle yet positive, and highly
impactful. We hit our 6 month objectives in
under 30 days!”

“Working with Noah has generated a rather
massive ROI. Does that help me sleep better
at night? You bet!”

“…working with Noah the past seven years has
proven to be one of the wisest investments our
companies have made.”


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“Kudos to Noah Fleming for coming to Rhode
Island recently to deliver a very fine
presentation and dynamic discussion to our
group of 30 chief executives and business

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