Winning results, without

all the second-guessing

Double down on critical growth multipliers that amplify efforts.

Drop the flash-bang sales and customer care tactics.

Simplify Sales & Customer Care

Lead With Renewed Clarity

Create Sustainable Success


Know what's working and what's not

(in every aspect of your organization)

Many companies are great at getting customers, but lousy at keeping them.

We make sure you've got a process in place to know your leaders

and employees are nailing both.

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Consultants come and go

New tools come and go. And no CEO wants to bet future success on a couple of sales superstars.

If you want sustainable success (so you can scale, sell, or spend more time at the 19th hole) there's ONE way:

Clearly-defined processes in critical growth areas across your entire organization that your people actually act on.

Most companies silo sales and customer care, but they're all part of the same Loyalty Loop.

How do I know? I literally wrote the book(s) on it.

If you're ready to drop the excuses and finally crack the code to hitting those "sexy" numbers, consistently. Let's talk.

Amazon #1 Best Selling Author

I literally wrote the book(s) on creating perpetual sales growth and long-term customer loyalty


What if you could amp up sales and customer care, in under 15-minutes a day?

01. Clarify

Know what's working and what's not in sales and client care

02. Simplify

Focus on simple processes that amplify efforts and have high-adoption

03. Multiply

Double down on what works, and make decisions by design, not default

(Ditch the 3-ring binders nobody needs or reads)

I've analyzed 100's of successful engagements that were worth between $500k - $50M in profits for my clients.

The evidence is clear: the single highest value thing that any CEO can do is to implement clearly-defined processes.

Jumpstart tomorrow's business, today

The most successful interventions I've spearheaded over the last 15 years and $5bn in added revenue :

  • didn't require shiny sales tools
  • didn't involve an organizational overhaul
  • didn't start with additional training

They started with that key actions in critical growth areas that could be implemented quickly.

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Get answers and a process that gives

employees and customers winning results

Full Focus Navigator

Identify the daily tasks and growth multipliers you need to focus on to hit your big goals, consistently.

The 1-Day Sales Process

Give your teams the authority to make decisions by design, not by default – with a winning process.

Elite Executive Advisory

noah in front of paper board

Amplify efforts and accelerate growth with ongoing partnership in critical growth areas.

Confusion shouldn't be driving your business

(It's way more fun when you're at the wheel)

The time we spent with Noah was instrumental in our advancing recognition of the importance of sales goals and a sales process for our company. We now have a more professional sales team guided by an established sales process with new sales knowledge and tools to aid in their meeting these established goals.

~Dave Zrostlik, President - Stellar Industries

If you want fresh ideas and a way to engage both your staff and clients to grow your business bring in Noah Fleming

Greg Gosselin – Washington Capitals

Noah proved to be effectively responsive in addressing our presenting problems and formulating solutions that were highly beneficial to the initial challenge and the company. His approach was subtle yet positive and highly impactful. And his visions were not only effective but also cost-efficient and utilized immediately. It has been a pleasure to have Noah act as a consultant to our company and with his insights achieve the results we were seeking.

Greg Jarvis – President, Bluelab

We spent 8 months trying to increase sales output in fits and starts on our own.

Noah's 1-Day Sales Accelerator delivered the results we were looking for in just a few weeks.

~Mike Burch, COO, Speedway Motorsports

Earmarking dollars specifically for marketing is always a challenge & is easily curtailed when reviewing budgets. However, working with Noah the past seven years has proven to be one of the wisest investments our companies have made. His innovative & result-driven techniques have not only greatly improved our bottom line but has transformed our approach to business and our ongoing relationship with our customers. 

~Troy Loop

Noah is a specialist in the art of retaining customers. If you’ve ever heard the phrase “retention is the new acquisition” you’ll begin to understand the importance of Noah’s work. Getting clients is one thing. Keeping them is another thing. Noah specializes in both. He’s also one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.

~Ray Edwards – Renowned Direct Response Copywriter,

We love results as much as you do

We work exclusively with CEO's and business owners who are primed for a successful partnership.

If you're already at $50-$100 million, but know your business was designed for more, let's talk.

You could do it yourself, but...

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