Each week I end up talking a lot of different business owners across various industries.

When I ask them what makes their business unique, they almost always say something like “we provide a ‘wow’ service“, or a “we offer a ‘wow’ experience.

They say things like “we have the highest quality products and deliver superior service,” or, “we truly about our customers.” (as their competitors say the exact same thing!)

The problem is that most of these words and phrases are nothing more than vague generalities with little to no true meaning.

Of course, some of those words and phrases can’t be avoided, I’m equally as guilty at times. The problem is that while we’re using them, we’re throwing away an opportunity to create real impact; to connect; to engage; to fascinate!

The vague, generic, buzzwords and phrases produce little to no impact in regards to how both current and prospective customers perceive us. In contrast, when we use meaningful, specific language in our sales, marketing and customer service efforts, we almost always see a tremendous change in our results.

The classic marketing example of this is Domino’s Pizza. While everyone else was offering fast, hot, pizza delivery, Domino’s guaranteed customers would receive a piping hot pizza delivered to their door in under 30 minutes, or it was free. Nothing else had to be said, just a simple and specific value statement backed up by a strong guarantee.

Here are four key questions to think about:

1. What differentiates you from the competition? What makes your “wow” experience different from the guy next door?

2. What current language is used within your company that needs to change to go from generic to specific?

3. What bold promises can you make to your clients – and can you live up to them?

And probably the most important question of all:

4. Do you really know what a “wow experience” for your customers actually looks and feels like?

You are not your customer, and what impresses you doesn’t necessarily impress them.

Food for thought, in 30 seconds or less, guaranteed.