Your Existing Customers Want This

Your Existing Customers Want This

Are you leaving money on the table?

Here’s a mistake I see all too often.

Just because you have customers and clients who’ve recently purchased from you yesterday, doesn’t mean they won’t purchase from you again, today. Sometimes, all it takes is a little reframing.

Companies are too quick to assume that their clients and customers won’t buy anything else until they either consume what they originally purchased or complete the buying cycle and need to buy again.

But you might be missing a fantastic opportunity to increase revenues and sell more to your existing customer base.

Here are few ideas to think about (I’ve seen almost all of these ideas or others implemented with great success in various industries and business types):

  • Membership clubs and private offerings
  • Concierge levels of service
  • Automatic delivery (think of Amazon’s Subscribe & Save Model)
  • First-in-line for new products and services
  • Ongoing training and development
  • Extended warranties

Here’s a question to ponder throughout your day:

What other products/services could you be offering to your existing client base that would be a logical extension or complement to the benefits they’ve recently received from you?