Did you know that marketing that’s TOO good and that works TOO well can actually be costing you customers and your ability to keep them?

There’s a classic video game called Lemmings where these little green creatures move along a path filled with obstacles. One such obstacle is a cliff, or a gap, and without the proper bridge the Lemmings fall one after one through the gap.

In business, we have The Expectations Gap. The Expectations Gap is a term for the difference between what a customer was sold and what they actually got. Failure to manage the Expectations Gap is one of the most significant reasons businesses lose new customers. Overzealous sales and marketing can create a gap of unrealistic expectations that the company can’t meet.

Your business needs to maintain a careful balance between what was promised and what they actually get.

Are you creating a gap and losing customers like lemmings?

Watch this video to learn more…