Tuesday I had an incredibly busy day packed with client meetings followed by an early dinner with my family, and a late night film with my Brother. We had been to this particular theatre before and it was usually relatively quiet. Tuesday night we arrived around 9:15pm and it was JAM-PACKED…and then we realized why….. – it was “cheap night.”

I would ALWAYS rather pay a few bucks extra to sit in a theatre with fewer people talking and playing on cell phones. Sure enough, the kid next to me was busy texting the entire movie.

Sidenote: There’s a lesson there for business – when you create a cheap & low-cost offering that’s constant, it drives customers away from shopping your business at other times. It’s like running too many Groupon or Daily Deal offerings.

We saw Man Of Steel.2154549-superman_logo_on_chest

Fun? Yes.

But will it take its place in history as a classic superhero film? I don’t think so.

The CGI was just way over the top. The excessive CGI turned much of the action into a sloppy mess. What made the original Superman films so great was the sense of realism when Superman used his extraordinary powers on planet Earth.

Regardless, Superman’s extraordinary powers do still make it a fun film. I thought Russell Crowe was great.

And that brings me to today’s post.

What are your Superpowers? What are your unique traits as an entrepreneur, a small business, or a large organization?

Can you answer these questions?

What VALUE differentiates you from the rest of the pack? (Value differentiators – Is it service, price, or perhaps something unique?)

What three things do you do exceptionally well, better than everyone else? (surely you can come up with three!)

What are the biggest problems you’ve been able to solve for your customers? (Do you have a testimonial, or many, that encapsulates this value or these results?)

What are your claims to fame, and why? (This is your story, your history!)

When I talk about the Three Cs of Evergreen Business (Content, Community, Character), and specifically character, I’m really talking about your Superman powers. These are the sticking points that we associate with your brand. Again, this is as applicable to corporate branding as it is personal branding.

Take a few moments, and literally WRITE down your answers!

Clarity about who you are and the value you offer offers a tremendous advantage, and time and time again the #1 issue I find with clients is lack of clarity. If you don’t know who you are, how do you expect customers to know?

So I’m curious, what are your Superpowers? Drop me an email and let me know…[email protected], or post a comment below.