One of the biggest problems that most companies face is they spend way too much trying to find, collect, compile, and fact check information. They do all that without ever asking if all the extra information will actually help them.

But this isn’t just a problem with information gathering. This isn’t an IT problem or a research issue. It’s a problem of decision making and ability to take fast action. This problem is especially true for senior managers or company owners.

It’s easy to get caught in the trap of waiting before taking action.

Waiting for more information.

Waiting for better information.

Waiting for Jerry in accounting to get back to us with the numbers first.

When the truth is, that most of the time, waiting hurts us more than the “wrong” choice could have ever hurt us.

One of the most useful things that companies are starting to learn from the tech world is what Bill Gates called “The Speed of Thought.” This is the ability to go from idea to prototype, to test, to rollout with lightning speed.

So here’s the key question for us all to think about today:

Think about the top problems that you’re grappling with right now, and instead of asking “What is the very best thing I can do?”, ask this instead:

“What is the fastest way I can test out new ideas to see which work best?”

Don’t procrastinate by telling yourself that you need more information or that you need better information. Or that you need Jerry to get back to you.

Jerry is killing you. Damn you, Jerry.

Take small action now – today, and use the feedback to get better.