The Wall Street Journal reports the following over the weekend (Hat tip to Alan for sharing some of these points with me):

* Big Companies are seeing customers coming back to do business with them again and again. As a result, revenues are up.

* US unemployment is at its lowest point since 2008, including the only six-month stretch where the economy added 200,000 jobs since 2007.

* The Dow Jones was at its highest point ever in July.

* The GDP in the US and Canada is up. The US GDP grew at 4% in the last quarter.

* Canada is starting to see some major upticks in manufacturing, exports, and housing.

The economy is only going one way right now. There are no plans to come back any time soon.

Some companies are still cutting costs, not investing in themselves, and attempting to stay trim, while other companies are jumping on the train as it barrels past the station.

I’m reading a fantastic Henry Ford book right now. One of Ford’s more famous quotes was, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.”

Over the weekend, my brother-in-law and I visited the Shinola store in downtown Detroit. Shinola was selling high-end Detroit-made watches and bikes by the handful during our short visit. Times are tough in Detroit. I just paid a total stranger’s water bill. But in the midst of empty streets and burned-out derelict buildings, there’s a resurgence of entrepreneurship and opportunity bubbling within the city.

This week I’m in Toronto for three days working with clients and meeting with prospective clients all looking forward with eagerness and optimism at the abundance of opportunity right here, right now.

We’re working on improving sales efforts, maximizing marketing results, and cultivating indelible customer loyalty.

The key questions for today are simple: Are you waiting for the next train, or do you want to hop on this one? There’s no scheduled arrival time for the next one. Don’t miss it.