There was a point when all the janitor had to do was mop the floors, clean the windows, empty the wastebaskets and keep the office clean.

There was a point when housecleaning simply had to clean the rooms, replace the mini-shampoo bottles, and make the beds.

There was a point where the receptionist merely had to answer the phones.

There was a point…

“I’m just the janitor” is no longer a valid response to the customer.

The janitor needs to know as much as the person answering the phones.

The person answering the phones needs to know as much as the janitor sweeping the floors.

Everyone needs to be trained and able to handle what wasn’t part of their job description yesterday, because it is today (even if it’s not formally written on paper).

It’s often been said that the hotel doorman is the most important person in the hotel experience. He’s the first-person customers see when they arrive, and the last person they see when they leave. He makes the first impression and the last impression.

Today, everyone in your organization is the doorman – even the janitor.

Today’s Key Question: Consider any employee in your organization.

If they were the first point of contact with a customer (or last), would they know how to answer basic questions, or leave the right lasting impression?

Would they be aware of current marketing promotions?

Would they know to to get help or customer service?

Would they be aware of your missions and values, and are their actions and dealings with customers congruent with the plaque on the wall?