This past weekend my family attended a fabulous Folk Festival in the small town where we live.

One of the songs my three-year-old daughter Avalon loved dancing to was a fun and catchy song called “Tastes Like Chicken” sung by a ukulele player named Manitoba Hal – who lives in Nova Scotia by the way…

Here’s a sample of the catchy lyrics sung by Hal:

“God took seven days to make every rock and tree and shrub…
He made the fish, and he made the beef, and other tasty grub…
But after six days of working hard, did he lose his imagination?
How come everything always tastes like chicken?”

The question on your prospects mind right now, at this very moment is: “Why should I do business with you vs. any and every other option available to me in your category/industry/niche?

Whether it’s stated clearly or not, there must be something in your marketing or the delivery of your products and services, which makes you unlike everything else they’ve ever tasted. If there isn’t, then why be in the marketplace at all?

I, unfortunately, hear this from people all the time.

They say that the only real difference between them and their competition is that they’re cheaper (or more expensive), or that they offer better customer service – a “wow experience,” is the new, yet remarkably tired and old assertion.

Meanwhile, their closest competitor is saying the same thing.

I guess Manitoba Hal is on to something.

Today’s Key Question: Does your business taste like chicken? And if so, how can you differentiate yourself from everybody else?

We can get decent chicken anywhere.