Better late than never.

2011 was an amazing year. Here’s a quick look at what happened both personally and professionally in 2011, and where I’m going in 2012 with some goals and resolutions.

2011 Recap

  1. Watched our sweet baby girl Avalon go from a tiny helpless newborn into a fast-walking, curious, and adventurous 13-month old. It was a luxury to be able to spend most of the year at home with both my wife and daughter.
  2. Celebrated six years of marriage to my wife Heather.
  3. Turned 31. No longer eligible to make the  “top 30 under 30 lists.”
  4. Spoke at a seminar held by the folks at WishList Member in conjunction with an event put on by Anne Holland of SubscriptionSiteInsider.com. This event was held on 5th Avenue in New York City where I met Jimmy Fallon outside on the street while waiting for the event to start.
  5. Became the go-to guy on membership site retention for WishList Insider.
  6. Conducted a Master Class on Membership & Subscription Retention with Andrew Warner of Mixergy.com
  7. Created an online course with my friend Shawn Veltman on building successful online subscription sites around a topic you’re passionate about. One of our original members launched her first site and got over 100 members signed up!
  8. Took on new local consulting clients. Watched numerous clients go on to have banner years. One client expressed their best year in over 20 years of business.
  9. Took on new coaching clients. It’s always great to see people you’re working with make big steps and reap the rewards of taking those steps.
  10. Had another great year with TheBrewersMarket.com – we had a fantastic Christmas processing hundreds of orders in just a few weeks. The business was featured on Etsy’s front page (again) and also featured in a Huffington Post gift guide.

And now… Let’s move on to 2012.

2012 is shaping up to be an exciting year. I’m working towards expanding my consultancy, specifically with regards to helping larger companies make use of the principles that have been so effective for my online clients in the areas of client retention, community development, and authentic communication.

  1. Get back on the Paleo diet healthy eating train.
  2. Attend the PGA Championship on Kiawah Island.
  3. Take a 2-week vacation over the summer with Heather & Avalon.
  4. Crossfit at least four times per week.
  5. Spend time every single day playing and laughing with Heather & Avalon.
  6. Blog at least twice per week.
  7. Read at least one new book per week.
  8. Continue to do more public speaking and live events. I’m scheduled to speak at another SubscriptionSiteInder.com event in San Francisco. You can read more about that here. And if you’re in the area, you should definitely check it out.
  9. Join the Alan Weiss Mentorship Program.
  10. Expand an exciting new consulting practice to work with larger companies and bigger brands. More on this to come….

Talk soon,