People have always understood that you can find anything or anybody on the Internet.

Want to find somebody who shares your hobby of crafting  Star Wars  vs. Star Trek fantasy battle scenes out of cat earwax?  Odds are you’re not going to find any other sculptors in your town, but there’s a whole community of them online.

How about a community of dog owners who own giant schnauzers? Well, it exists… and they pay for it… (miniature schnauzers too)

As the last few years have rolled on, more and more people have looked online for community of all sorts.  We want a place to find others who share our ideas, opinions, hobbies, and interests.  And we’re increasingly comfortable interacting with those people in an online setting.

This is fantastic news, because it opens up a ton of opportunity for anybody to start their own communities based around their hobbies, interests, talents and skills.

People are willing to pay to be part of these communities, and you only need to find a few of them – a teeny-tiny little speck.

I’m not sure what your thing is. But whatever it is, they’re out there.

The Speck is a beautiful thing.