During our trip to Newfoundland last summer, we heard the most beautiful and magnificent foghorns along the coast that warned incoming ships of potential danger.

If you’re the captain of a ship in the midst of a dense fog and you hear a foghorn, you need to realize that it’s being blown for a reason. Its purpose is to let you know there’s a danger or hazard ahead. It’s purpose is to warn you, loud and clear, that you need to change your course.

When a 12-time best-selling author tells you that he’s moving on, and will no longer publish books the traditional way, the same way they’ve been published for years – it’s time to pay attention. The foghorn is audible.

Captains who refuse to pay attention to foghorns, or take the warnings seriously, end up hitting shoals and sinking their ships.

The captains of the newspaper industry refused to take the foghorn warnings seriously. The captains of the music industry covered their ears and refused to listen – what a disaster.

Traditional employees, working in traditional organizations, doing traditional work, captaining their own ships need to realize there’s a foghorn blowing. It might be faint right now, but if you listen carefully, you can hear it. If you wait long enough, it will be loud and clear. Or, it will be too late.

Those working on writing resumes, following the traditional rules of resume writing, and following the traditional templates, writing the same old boring resumes filled with bloated and hyped-up job experience, need to listen, and listen carefully.

Whatever industry you’re in, take a moment and clear your ears.

Is that a foghorn I hear?