Ever have that feeling that you might be on to something?

You might be right, but how do you really know?

There’s a simple way to tell if you actually are “on to something.”

Does it (that something) scare you?

Does it keep you up on night?

Does it cause you to procrastinate and not do it?

When your mind kicks in and works to keep you from doing it, you can be assured, you’re probably on to something.

Funny right? You’d think our minds would jump right in and support us in our endevours and the crazy ideas we have in the shower. You’d think that our brains would want us to take those ideas and make them a reality! You’d think your mind would be pushing you to do everything it could to achieve success, and push you beyond your comfort zone.

But the opposite is what happens, and that’s what Stephen Pressfield refers to as the resistance.

When the resistances pops up, and starts resisting – you’re right… you’re on to something.

Do that.