It must be Wednesday. Here’s what I was thinking about a few minutes ago – I  figured two short posts in one day was OK. 🙂

The more you give to the world, the more the world will give you in return.

And the more you take, the more the world will resist.

Most of us live our lives as takers. We are always striving to take a bit more here and there to further ourselves. Of course, we’re not really furthering ourselves. We’re furthering our egos and the representation of what we call “ourselves.”

And when we choose to live this way, the world constantly resists our efforts by knocking us down and presenting us with new challenges. The harder we push, the stronger the resistance gets.

But when you let go and start giving instead of always taking, something interesting starts to happen. The world starts giving back. It starts rewarding you in various ways. Things suddenly start going your way.

Let go and give. Give unselfishly.  Give without the desire to receive something in return. Give anything. Try it and see what happens.

Are you a giver or a taker?