I was reading this morning at 5:45 AM and I read something interesting in a book called “Ballsy” by Karen Salmansohn. It’s a great little book and worth picking up. The book is filled with tons of great little motivational tips on business and life.

She writes for tip # 22..

“Work smarter hours, not longer hours. Sniff out the biggest bucks and aim yourself in that direction.

For example, if you’re  a writer keep in mind that a magazine articles quickly becomes vapor.

But a book can sell forever. And forever makes a lot more money than vapor.

In summary: stay determined not to waste your time on lesser money projects. Aim yourself where the biggest bucks are.”
How true this is! And it’s the same with selling products or services online. Sure you could spend time setting up websites for $300 bucks…. Or you could spend more time developing amazing websites, working with freelancers (much of the time not even doing the grunt work), tweaking copy, adding new features and make $999 bucks for that same website.

It’s the same principle! Point yourself in that direction and charge at it full steam ahead.