This is a post that I placed in my private members forum yesterday. It’s really such a great book that I thought I should share it here as well.

I highly recommend this book. I don’t have an affiliate link or anything. It’s a book from amazon or your local bookstore.

It’s called “Ballsy, 99 ways to grow a bigger paid and score extreme business success

Ladies, before you look at the title and run listen to this, this book was written by a female.

It’s 99 Business Tips written in a funny way, that you’ll look forward to picking it up each morning.

Let me share tip #1 and 2 of the book. I think the first tip of the book is crucial to success on the Internet.

Tip #1 & 2
“More Important Than Talent, Have Balls.

“Sure talent matters. But if you don’t have balls, your talent won’t matter – because nobody will ever find out about all your swell talent.”

Fact: If you’re seeking extreme success, you cannot be afraid to go against the crowd, make mistakes, look dumb.

Fact: Every member of the Fortune 500 club could easily be eligible for membership in the misfortune 500 club. They just knew that when/if they fell on their faces, they’d use the leverage to push themselves up higher.

In Summary:
If you want to reach extreme heights in your career, get over your fear of falling.”

This book is by Karen Salmansohn
ISBN: 158180816X