Today I’ll be conducting a Webinar with the good people at Vindicia.

This talk is titled: Why They Leave: 7 Retention Mistakes that are Driving Your Online Customers Away

Here’s the description:

You know the drill. You’ve got the newest and best CRM system, loads of data and analytics, and a team of smart, top-notch marketers running your digital service. Yet, you’re still facing customer attrition issues.

During this webinar, Noah Fleming of Peak Retention Consulting will show us seven of the most common and harmful traps subscription services fall into and how to avoid them.

You’ll learn:

  • Why more content is not always better, and how to leverage existing content\
  • The half-truths and misuses of lifetime value, and the metrics you really need to know if you want to maximize your monthly profits
  • Why the ‘Better Mousetrap’ theory of subscription sites (thinking that all you need to do is provide loads of high-quality content) is ultimately an unprofitable path
  • The critical importance of a subscriber’s first week, and how to enhance that experience to dramatically boost retention

Retention is the most critical element of your site – without a strong focus on it, the new subscribers you attract today may be gone by next week. By learning how to think about retention strategy and implementation, you’ll see dramatic improvements in customer lifetime value, and ultimately in your profit margins.

If you’re interested in checking it out, I believe you can still register here. If you can’t make it, there should be a replay available pretty quickly. I’ll add a footnote here when the replay is posted.

EDIT: You can watch and listen to the webinar here.