I just spent the last couple of days in Rhode Island working one-on-one with most successful, recognized, and widely known consultant on the planet, Alan Weiss.

Since 1996, Alan has created the most dramatic results-orientated mentor program & community in the world. Alan is the author of over 44 books, including multiple bestsellers like Million Dollar Consultant, Million Dollar Speaking, How To Write a Proposal That’s Accepted Everytime, Thrive, and oodles of others. I refer to over a half-dozen of these books on a daily basis.

After being personally mentored and trained by Alan, I’m now one of only 36 people in the world accredited as a “Master Mentor” in Alan Weiss’s global consulting community.

This unique opportunity allows me to work with you one-on-on to achieve dramatic, exponential growth and rapid success. If you’re an entrepreneur, infopreneur, solo-practitioner, or professional services provider looking to accelerate your growth trajectory, this is an incredible opportunity.

You can read more about the program here. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me here.