What happens next? That seems to be the big question on everyone’s mind.

You could come up with a dozen ideas of what I’m referring to, but in reality, it doesn’t matter–no one single event can define the past year. The year of 2016 has been both a tumultuous and exciting year for many. Depending on who you’re talking to we’re either headed for doom and gloom or the modern-day gold rush.

As I look forward, I want to suggest one big thing for you to consider over the holiday season, and that’s to spend some time thinking about how you’ll become the company you want to be next year.

What are your resolutions to increase revenue next year?

What are your resolutions to improve customer loyalty?

How will you resolve to create a better customer experience?

What will you do to ensure the resolutions stick?

Last year, two of my clients resolved to use the Pick-3 process for at least three months. When they did, what they found was amazing. Their customers were instantly receptive. They started to hear things like, “We’ve never experienced this from another company.” And you know what happened, right? They were rewarded with more business. That’s exactly how it’s supposed to work.

Another client resolved to finally dig into the big ever-growing pile of past leads, prospects & inactive customer lists that were just sitting around, and they were able to drive a 10% increase in business from that within the first month. The rest of year was intently focused on ensuring leads weren’t falling through the cracks and building a process for reactivating past clients.

Now here’s why most resolutions don’t work. The idea of increasing revenue, or improving customer loyalty, or building a retention process is not enough. I’ve heard lots of potential clients say, “We could likely do this ourselves.” Of course, you could, but if you could have, you would have done it already.

If you want the resolutions to stick you need to be asking yourself the following types of questions:

What resources do we need?

Who could help us in areas where we could improve?

Where do we need more accountability?

What new talent do we need?

What projects should we jettison?

One of the biggest successes my clients have at this time of year is allowing me to help them identify the largest gaps within the company or a specific division, and then making specific plans to improve in those areas.

Your challenge for this week (and a gift from me): Send me an email and tell me your company’s single biggest resolution; why you think it’s the most important thing you can do, and what problems you see in achieving it. I’ll promise to respond with some thoughts of my own that might be helpful. For those that take part in this week’s challenge, I’ll also send you a digital copy of Tuesday Tidbit Compilation Volume One as my gift to you.

My girls and I would like to wish you all a wonderful Holiday Season. This is a time of the year to reflect and to be especially grateful for everything we have. I’m incredibly grateful for your continued reading and enjoyment of the Tuesday Tidbits.

To your success in 2017!