Yesterday I got a copy of GQ Magazine in the mail. While I was preparing a dinner of Salmon burgers and mixed vegetables I decided to casually flip through the magazine. I got about 15 pages into the magazine when an Ad caught me eye. Now I’ve seen the  Ad before and  I’ve heard and read about it many times but it never really struck a chord with me until yesterday.

We all know the economy is in bad shape, you don’t need me to repeat it. But does a recession really hurt the “already rich” folk of the world?

Visa seems to think not. Inside GQ was a full-page Ad for the “Visa Black Card.” I’m sure you’ve heard about it before. Jerry Seinfeld and Paris Hilton are two rumored to carry the card.

I took a photo of the ad (sorry I don’t have a scanner right now) Check it out below and let me know what you think.

blackcardI think it’s a brilliant ad and more importantly an awesome marketing message. Here we are in clearly the biggest financial economic mess and meltdown we’ve ever seen and Visa doesn’t even blink an eye. The ad makes no promises or claims except that it’s for the Ultra Elite, no one else.

But not only that, if you’re one of the lucky 1% eligible for the card, you’re also eligible for amazing rewards, 24-hour concierge and people who will wipe your butt every time you use the washroom.

Dan Kennedy writes a newsletter on Marketing to The Mass Affluent and he also recently released a book of the same title.

The moral of the story, in trying times while many are looking for ways to capitalize on those who may be struggling and even desperate, the smarter  (more ethical) and likely much more profitable thing to do is follow the money.

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