I’m sure you’ve heard the saying before.. “No Press Is Bad Press” and on occasions I’d agree with such a statement, but today it’s just not true for a few companies.

Today I got an email from TripAdvisor naming their Top 10 Dirtiest Hotels of 2009! At first I thought it was a joke but then I opened the email and saw they DID in fact name the top 10 dirtiest hotels. The graphic accompanying the page is just hilarious, with the quote from the poor soul who stayed in room 919!

I wonder how many people TripAdvisor emails? I’d be willing to bet millions upon millions got the memo!


TripAdvisor.com went ahead and listed 10 Hotels for various places all over the world (based on traveler reviews)

It was quite fun to actually go in and read the individual reviews for these places to get a glimpse of how bad some of these places actually are. I’d hate to be getting ready for a trip to say Paris, your hotel has been booked for 6 months when suddenly it’s named the #3 dirtiest hotel in France.

Below you’ll find the Top 10 Dirtiest Hotels in the United States.

Dirtiest Hotels – United States

(based on TripAdvisor traveler reviews)

This is definitely not a case of no press is bad press, this is just wrong. Can we do the world a favor and shut these places down? And what’s up with the Days Inn, 3 Hotels in the top ten??? C’mon Days Inn! Get your act together. This is enough to sway me from staying at ANY Days Inn regardless of where it’s located.

I wonder if the Days Inn is on Twitter?