Some people would rather not rock the boat. These people are mostly stuck doing what they know and believe to be “right,” and they fear the unknown.

Their universe is governed things by they believe to be true, even if those beliefs are just arbitrary.

Rocking the boat would require trying something new, different, or groundbreaking. You might fail; you might go overboard, but you rarely drown.

It’s almost 2015, and if 2014 was just an okay year then perhaps it’s to get out of the harbor and set sail in the ocean.

My clients who have had the biggest successes and made the biggest leaps this year are continuously heading deep into the unknown.

They’re generating the greatest number of, and highest quality of regular breakthroughs in all areas of their businesses – but in particular, their sales and marketing efforts.

These are the two key areas that drive revenue growth faster than anything else. Remember, in my world, marketing is the proper balance between getting customers and keeping them!

2015 can be your organization’s best year ever, but you need to rock the boat.

How will you out-market the competition in 2015?

How will you maximize the value of your existing customer base in 2015?

What product, service, or offering will you launch that’s innovative, risky, and scary?

How will you provide a level of service way beyond anything your competitors could even come close to competing with?

If you want to have a discussion about how I can help you navigate the rocky seas in 2015, feel free to get in touch.