The other day I ran into a client who I did some work with last year. Our work was immensely successful, but we hadn’t done anything since.

And then he asked me the question.

“What’s new?”

Just about every day, especially in business, you’re likely to be asked this familiar question.

As I pondered today’s tidbit, I thought about the huge importance that such a simple, common, phrase has as part of our daily vernacular. More importantly, there’s a profound marketing lesson to be learned.

What’s new? Simple, right?

Nobody ever asks, “what hasn’t changed since the last time we talked?”

Thankfully, I had a ton to share.

In fact, some of what was new was incredibly intriguing to him. So much so that we’re having another discussion about what’s new next week.

If you want to increase the frequency in which customers do business with you and continue to gain their loyalty, then you better have great answers to “what’s new?”

And there better be something new, frequently.

Even better, don’t always wait for them to ask.