One of the best lessons I've learned in my work is nobody, and I mean nobody, wakes up every day and says, how can I give this Noah Fleming consultant a bunch of our company's money.

Likewise, most people are not sitting there thinking how to become one of your clients.

I spoke to a salesperson recently who said he had made hundreds of calls and had literally run out of people call.

I asked him how his results were, and he said not great. I asked him why he hadn't refined his approach during those calls, and he said no because the approach and messaging were solid!

There's this believe that MORE effort equals more results, but that's not the case. If the approach is wrong, it's not just going to start working, but I digress.

At some point in my career, I came to two realizations:

1) Nobody wakes up thinking about how they can pay me (or you, or any business) more money.

2) The companies / businesses you sell to have their own customers who buy from them or utilize the products and services they sell. That's something they DO wake up thinking about.

We need to put on our customer's hats more often and think long and hard LIKE our customers. We need to understand what matters to them.

Only then can we know the right message and the right approach for our potential customers.

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Noah Fleming

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