The other night we were watching the PGA Championship at The Ocean Course on Kiawah Island.

As we watched Phil Mickelson put on a fabulous show, my girls were hitting a few golf balls on the golf simulator.

They’ve been able to take a few lessons and spend some time on the driving range. They’ve got the bug.

I was watching my youngest, Ella, swing the ball. She was doing a couple of different things than what her instructor had shown her. I asked her about it, and her response surprised me a little.

Then I heard Phil Mickelson talk about his practice routine during the past couple of weeks. Phil was having trouble keeping his energy and head in the game playing 18 holes a day. How did he overcome this? He practiced by playing 45 holes a day, every single day, leading up to the tournament. During that practice time, he took the time to carefully focus and think about every single shot.

I’ll share what Ella said and what we can learn from both my 8-year-old daughter and Phil Mickelson’s win at Kiawah Island on Sunday.

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