The Three Customer Questions That Change Everything

This week I’m in Newport, Rhode Island at one of my favorite hotels, Castle Hill Inn. The first time I stayed at this hotel was about three years ago and shortly after I checked in something interesting happened.

Let me tell you about it in this week’s Tuesday Tidbit™ video.

If you want to provide excellent customer service and exceed customer’s expectations, then you need to understand the power of personalization in a world gone mad with automation and cost-cutting, and how to balance that personalization with the automation of the right elements of your business to maximize the impact of that personal touch.

The customer experience must be meaningful, memorable, and personal.

This is Noah’s MMP Principle. Meaningful, Memorable, and Personal.

These are the critical question to always consider when reaching out to your customer.

“Is this customer touchpoint meaningful to our customers? 

“Is it memorable?”

“Are we engaging clients and customers in a personal way?”

Your Challenge For This Week:

Look at the most common customer touchpoints and ask what you do to make them more meaningful, memorable, and personal. More importantly, find ways to empower your people to go “over and above” (even in small ways) to create that personal touch.

For example, after someone buys, consider calling to thank them personally. Simple.

Don’t forget the power of the handwritten note. Hardly anyone is using it and it always generates a beautiful response.

If someone books a stay at your hotel, instead of emailing them a confirmation letter, call them to follow-up.

If someone has purchased something from you, or you’ve installed something at their place of business, stop by every once in a while and check it out. Ask how it’s working for them.

Meaningful, memorable, and personal.

It doesn’t get easier than that.