World-Class Results Within Your Reach

Last week I was in Vancouver, BC speaking to CEOs of some of the largest and most successful Canadian companies.

When I asked these leaders to describe to me, how–if I was as an employee of one of their organizations–I could get my lunch expense reimbursed, I wasn’t surprised that nearly every one of them could describe in great detail each specific step required for me to get paid.

But when I asked them to tell me about their sales process, or their ongoing engagement process, or their referral process, the answer wasn’t as clear cut.

In this week’s Tuesday Tidbit™ video I share the various – bare minimum – processes you need in place if you want to be a world-class company.

See the rest of this week’s Tidbit in the video found here:

Your Challenge For This Week: Consider the processes described in this week’s video.

Do you have:

  1. A clearly-defined sales process (every business has a sales process whether you’ve defined it or not!)
  2. A defined process for what happens when a prospect becomes a customer
  3. An ongoing customer engagement/retention process
  4. A referral generation/word-of-mouth process
  5. Exception reporting to ensure the most important parts of each process aren’t following through the cracks

If not, how could you use the advice in today’s video to get these in play?

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