Celebrate What Matters

Yesterday my family celebrated Canada Day with swimming, friends, and fireworks. 

We're heading to New York City today where we'll be able to celebrate Independence Day with our American friends later this week. 

But that's not all I'm celebrating. 

Check out this week's video to learn what else I'm celebrating this week…

Last week, a longtime reader of the Tuesday Tidbits reached out when he saw I was in Newport, RI. He made a gesture that was meaningful, memorable, and personal. Thanks, David!

It got me thinking about our customers, vendors, and employees.

We all want to build and nurture feelings of loyalty from them, but what are you doing to show our appreciation and loyalty to them?

Are you doing enough?

How are you celebrating your customers, your suppliers, your employees?  

How are you showing your dedication to them?

How can I show more appreciation you, my dedicated Tuesday Tidbit™ readers and audience?

It's interesting, because the more work we do to know our customers better, the more strategic wins we get when it comes to serving them.

Think about a decent salesperson you worked work recently. Perhaps you experienced something like this. The best don't just take orders; they look at what the client is trying to achieve and guide them to the best and most suitable solution.

So much of my work comes back to the key question, how well do you know your customers, vendors, partners, or employees.

My 90-45 rule is about ensuring you're speaking to your clients regularly and not allowing them to fall through the cracks. But what about your other key relationships?

My Pick-3 Process is about putting a simple, yet insanely powerful process around the act of human-to-human engagement and interaction.

I could give you 12 more, but the BBQ is calling my name.

Enjoy this week as you celebrate Canada Day, The Fourth of July, or maybe neither. I'm sure, if you're reading this, you still have a lot to celebrate.

Your Challenge For This Week: If you were to reframe a large part of your corporate mission to truly "making our clients lives better," and ensuring your day-to-day actions were congruent with that mission, what could you add or do that would make their lives better, that you're not doing?


P.S. I've got some ideas coming for the greater Tuesday Tidbit community. I hope you'll be able to participate. I look forward to sharing more of my plans with you soon.