This morning I had a business meeting with some colleagues to discuss a new venture we’re working on.

The meeting was great except for one thing.

The “Little Thing Monster”.

The Little Thing Monster is the monster that loves to knock you off the track. He loves it when we focus on the little things that don’t matter as much as the big important things.

Let’s be realistic for a minute about this classic lizard brain tactic. The lizard unleashes this little devil of a monster that wants to divert our attention. The monster loves it when we get caught up in the little things.

“It’s the little things that compound and snowball into big things” he says.

Now, I’m not saying that little things don’t matter. Of course they do. What I’m saying is, when you let the monster take over and let the monster shift your focus, you’ll end up stalling out and not getting anywhere.

Believe me, I understand how important the small things are. That’s not what I’m saying. The difference is that this monster’s goal is to derail you from what’s actually going to move you forward. It keeps you from looking at the big picture.

And it’s your goal to figure out what the big picture is. Figure out what needs to happen. Look at the big picture and focus, and the little things will end up happening regardless. After all, it’s the big things that make the little things worth doing.


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