Eventually the economy will pick up…

One day I’ll be able to afford to..

Someday I hope I can learn to..

In a few years I’ll be able to ..

When I retire I’ll travel to..

The kicker however is this:

There’s a very good chance that your future is going to look a lot like the past, and you’ll be saying those exact same thing years from now, unless you do something about it today.

Got a problem that needs to be fixed? Need to improve on something in your life? Stuck in a situation and feel like there’s no way out? My suggestion is to use the small things monster to your advantage. I didn’t say he was bad all the time!

THIS, right now, is the time and the moment when the small things do matter to the overall big picture. Baby steps, if you will, are better than no steps at all.

But that’s not why I wrote this post. I wrote this post for a friend.

I wrote this for one of my dearest and lifelong friends, Cory.

Cory moved from Canada to New York City, then to Alaska, and now he’s in California. He’s been chasing down his dream like a mad man.

The great thing about Cory is he knows that every day when he wakes up, the race is on. He’s working on the “someday” things now instead of just talking about them.

And Cory puts his money where his mouth is. He always has.

The best part of all this is, as Cory chases his vision, he keeps gaining ground. He keeps getting closer and closer to reaching his dream. But he also keeps pulling further and further ahead of the “someday” people.

So what? So what if Cory doesn’t make it? He gave it his all. He gave it everything he had. That’s something to be proud of.

Bravo Cory.  Keep running.