There’s something freakishly powerful that occurs when you put a group of influential and great minds together in a room. You actually get to plug yourself in to the brainpower of others and the results can be absolutely remarkable.

I just returned from a quick trip to Boston where I spent time with my mentor, Alan Weiss, and five other world-class consultants for a day I refer to as “mastermind’ing on steroids”.

We met at the Harvard Club for an intensive day of sharing best practices and exploring various areas of growth as consultants.

I came away from that meeting with my mind chalk full of new knowledge and fresh perspectives. Collectively, we were able to put our minds together and dig deep into each other’s businesses and expertise.

The thing about mastermind groups and alliances is they simply don’t work if you just plan to talk on the phone every few weeks. To truly reap the amazing benefits from these groups, you need to:

  • Immerse yourself into the group.
  • Nurture the group for it to grow.
  • Push & challenge each other.
  • Encourage each other.
  • Hold each other accountable.

You also need to get to know each other. The night before our meeting, we spent a fantastic evening in Boston where we enjoyed pasta, red wine, cannolis, scotch and cigars while getting to know each other better both personally and professionally.

Make the decision to associate yourself with powerful people. Make the decision to grow and learn with others. Make the decision to get a mentor. Find a mastermind group that can support your growth and take things to a whole other level.