Twitter isn’t just a place where you go to share a 140 characters of random Gobblygook

Look at every ‘Tweet’ as an opportunity. It’s an opportunity to spread your expertise and build your intellectual property.

Here’s an example:

It started with a Tweet.

That Tweet spreads to other social media networks.

That Tweet turns into a process visual.

The Tweet becomes a “tip” in an article I wrote for The Globe and Mail’s ‘Report on Business,’ to be published tomorrow.

The process visual will be drawn and used, on the fly, when talking to potential clients to engage them in provocative discussion.

The process visual turns into a blog post.

That blog post is expanded and turned into an article with Fast Company magazine.

The article will be expanded and turned into a chapter in a book.

The idea becomes material for a talk.

This post sparks a new idea which is turned into a Tweet.

That Tweet becomes this blog post.

And away we go.

You have a choice about how you use the tools. I choose to use them to grow.