No, not in the sense you were thinking! My wife won’t let me write that post!

But hear me out.

Yesterday I heard a comment while watching an event being streamed live on with someone very successful. One of the viewers made a comment suggesting that this person’s success and was the result of “luck.”

Everyone thinks people get lucky and some cases people do. I’m constantly told I’m lucky because of all those prizes I won, that I spoke about the other day.

You’re lucky if you win 30 Million bucks in the lottery.

You’re lucky if you’re on a plane that strikes birds and the pilot lands it safely in the Hudson River.

You can get lucky in a variety of ways.

Of course, we often hear most people complaining about the lucky people. We get jealous from other people’s  fortunate good luck.

“He’s so lucky he got that job”

“That lucky SOB is being paid that much to do THAT!?”

“I can’t stand Phil! He’s so lucky!”

But what about Mark Zuckerberg who created Facebook, did he get lucky?

What about Larry Page and Sergey Brin who created Google, did they get lucky?

Sometimes my view is a little different from others but here’s what I consider lucky.

Consider the scenario:

You just got laid off from your dead-end job. Some would consider this the worst thing that could happen. After all, you were promised a pension! Oh my gosh! A pension!

And we’ve all seen how safe those are.

Do you consider this twist of fate lucky or unlucky?

Here’s my opinion. I consider this good luck. You’re being presented with an opportunity. You might not see it right away. But being laid off or fired is a lighting bolt of good luck.

You’re being given a chance, a moment,  to reinvent yourself on your own terms.

Does this mean starting a business or a new career? Not necessarily. You can go out and find another job but this time it’s on your terms, not theirs. Don’t settle. Especially when luck is slapping you across the face with a giant tuna fish.

Luck is not something we either have or don’t have. Luck is the result of effort and hard work.

To win all those contests it took time and effort. I entered 30-50 contests per day and as a result I got lucky. I know it’s hard to believe especially when you look at the sheer number of prizes and contests I won in a short period of time. But folks, these contesting people are nuts and dedicated and they WIN. Why? Because they enter religiously.

The luck is created because of the work put towards the end-goal.

Take a look at this section of a popular Canadian forum. This is where the dedicated contest go’ers post their  wins. You’ll see the same people winning over and over and over again. Go back a few pages and just look at the crazy stuff people are winning.

It’s not because they are a collective of “lucky people,” it’s because they take action and  extend a consistent effort towards something.

The same concept can be applied to ANYTHING. Want to make more money? Have a bigger and better business? Find a better job? Same concept.

Luck is created by taking action. Luck is taking an opportunity when it’s presented and doing something about it.

You know what happens when you take action and start doing things? You start to get lucky.

You know what happens when you skip the 4 hours of reality shows tonight and tackle something productive? You get lucky.

Guess what happens shortly after that – the people around you start to get ticked off at how lucky you are.