Here’s the thing…

Too many of us are carrying excess baggage and weight that hinders our success.

I just spent the last three days in Rhode Island, with five world-class consultants, at Alan Weiss’s house. We drank fine wine, we smoked fine cigars, and we ate delectable food. Alan, by the way, is about to publish his 52nd book! I’ve only got 52 more to go to catch up.

Alan, Gary, Jean, Dan, and myself behind the camera…

We talked a lot about the trap too many entrepreneurs fall into far too often. We simply carry too much weight.

  • We keep doling out free advice.
  • We subscribe to magazines even though they’re piling up on the night side table (and we continue to allow them to stack up).
  • We allow energy suckers, brain pickers, and tire kickers to eat up tremendously valuable time.
  • We allow limiting beliefs and self-doubt to add on additional excess baggage.

This list could go on and on and on.

Is your RSS reader a stress when it fills up with new blogs and content every morning? Drop it. Read two or three blogs you get value from. You don’t need 400.

Is your gMail account stressing you out because you’ve got thousands of unread emails? Select All & Drop it.

We need to constantly be dropping baggage. Occasionally, carrying a little extra weight can help us grow. But most of the time, we’re allowing the weight to bog us down and keep us from gaining the speed and momentum we need.

There’s no magic to any of this. You’ve just got to drop the weight. Drop it! Look around you and let it go. I guarantee you’ll feel better in the morning.

What can you drop?