When I was a kid, the idea of a Castle’s moat intrigued me. That additional, and often last line of defence built to protect and thwart off attackers.

If you want your business to become Evergreen and experience continually growth while other businesses’ customers drop like dead leaves, then you need to shift the way you’re thinking about the relationship with that customer.

The customer is no longer someone you “randomly sell something to.” The customer is no longer someone you hope shows up next week or next month to spend more money with you.

The customer is your most valuable asset. And your single most important goal should be to protect and strengthen the relationship between you and the customer. Coddle and care for them. Nurture them. Keep them cozy and warm. Protect and thwart off competitors.

You need to build a moat around your business. And once all the villagers are inside, don’t let them go.