CEOs and Business Owners often find themselves incredibly distanced from their own customers. It’s a risky and hazardous way to operate an organization. It’s also remarkable, considering the customer is the organization’s most valuable asset. I believe that it’s absolutely critical that at least once every 90 days you spend time directly interacting with your customers. You need to get out of the office and work the front lines.

The hit television show Undercover Boss always makes me laugh because it shows just how complacent owners and executives have become. I always love the scene where the CEO returns to the boardroom and they’re all just shocked at what the boss experienced.

Here’s a suggestion. Schedule a single day every 90 days which you’ll spend getting in touch with your customers and employees.

Some examples:

The CEO of the hotel, for example, should spend a couple of hours with the doorman greeting customers, or run the front desk checking people in, or carrying bags up to the guest suites.

The restaurant owner needs to seat people, wait tables, and take reservations.

The CEO of the delivery company needs to spend a day riding on the trucks, ringing doorbells, and delivering packages.

When was the last time you were on the front lines?