Is your customer service aligned with the expectations that you’ve established through your positioning, marketing, or pricing?

You don’t expect a $60,000 car to break down only days after purchasing and the dealership to say, “well, that’s tough!”

You don’t expect bed bugs in a $900 a night hotel room.

You don’t expect them to roll out the red carpet of customer service at Walmart.

I stayed in a gorgeous condo last week. When I returned home I got a very personalized email from the owner of the rental company asking me about my stay. The email suggested that if I had any concerns, I should respond and he would do everything in his power to address those concerns and get back to me promptly.

I did have one concern, and I haven’t heard back. It’s been a week now.

All the money spent on business improvement, and all the processes put in place to ensure customers are pleased, is wasted if it’s not supported by congruent customer service.