Than what?

That thing you’ve been putting off for months now. That new business venture you’ve been talking about. That great idea for an iPhone app you thought about. That exercise program you’ve been thinking about starting. The nutrition plan you were going to stick with. The marketing course you were going to take.

The discipline of starting something now, and sticking with it, can be painful. It’s painful because it requires some sacrifice. No success comes without some sort of sacrifice.

Sacrifice might mean having a salad while everyone else has pizza, or you might have to work Friday and Saturday nights go get that restaurant going. You may even need to sacrifice money and buy less, or live a little more frugally.

All this sacrifice can hurt, but that’s just the beginning. You need to build up self discipline and stick with it to get through the dip.

I know, I know… The pain can be unbearable at times.

I’ve got a feeling though, it will hurt a hell of a lot less than regret.