In my opinion , there are a couple of different ways to inspire people to take action.

First is the “go get-em” way. This is the Tony Robbins style of motivation. “Stand up and say I!” It’s the same ole think positive, set goals, and grow rich type of inspiration.

The problem with this type of inspiration is that it acts a lot like kindling. You never actually put a log on the fire. It looks like it’s going to burn, the fire almost starts, its smoking, and you quickly add more kindling; but before you can add the log, the flame goes out and then we start all over again.

The second type of inspiration comes in the form of real, concrete, “this is how I did it” type of information. This might be a book about the history of Starbucks, or Donald Trump, or Duncan Bannatyne.

The problem with this type of motivation is, while it’s packed with ideas, processes, and steps to follow, it never inspires you to take the leap (or start step one).

The third and final type of motivation has to come from one single source – you.

This is the hardest part of the inspiration puzzle because it’s the hardest piece to find.

In a way, you need a mix of all three to truly get inspired. Method one acts as the kindling. You build up a pretty solid base of confidence and personal development. Method two is equally important as you improve your perspective and gain an understanding from those who went before you. It’s the same as if you soak the kindling with a little bit of gasoline.

Method three is the match.

Without the match, method one and two will only get you so far.

Bring matches.