I just had someone in my office who has created a product to sell online. He needed help creating a PayPal button to actually get paid for the product.

We accomplished the task at hand and then got to talking about the costs associated with starting an online business.

It’s 2010 and the barriers of entry into the marketplace have never been lower.

Do you want to be an author?  Do you want to create and sell art?  Maybe you want to design t-shirts, cups, or business cards?  Maybe you want to draw and sell your own comics, because it’s being done.

There has never been a more affordable and opportunity overcharged moment in history to get your ideas in front of people’s eyes.

Here’s how the costs broke down for this person:

  • Blogger Website (free)
  • PayPal Account (free)

Total Costs = $0.00

Yup, that’s the end of the post.

Were you expecting more?