Peak Retention

I’m excited today to announce the formation of Peak Retention Consulting, Inc.

Peak Retention is a consulting firm specializing in customer loyalty and retention optimization for online properties, including subscription, membership, and paywall sites. In a nutshell, we help companies reduce attrition and increase retention.

Peak Retention is a new venture and partnership between myself and Stu McLaren. Stu is the owner and co-founder of the popular software, Wishlist Member.

Stu and I met a few years back and we quickly realized that not only did we share remarkably similar interests, but we were also working with similar clients who were dealing with similar issues.

Stu’s expertise in the membership world is second to none. The software which he co-founded, as of today, is responsible for powering an astonishing 33,865 online communities and membership sites. That’s not a typo.

Our website is still coming together and should be live shortly.

I’ll be speaking on behalf of Peak Retention in San Francisco, April 22-24, at the Subscription Site Summit. If you own or operate a subscription, membership or paywall site, you definitely need to attend this event. I’ll be there presenting the following talk:

What Drives Members Away and How To Keep Them Longer:

Learn what drives new members away and what seemingly insignificant changes you can make to keep them longer. Discover the most common mistakes that subscription sites make with new and long-term members, and learn simple strategies and tactics that you can apply and use in your sites immediately to keep your members longer.

I hope you’ll join me in San Francisco, and I hope we have the opportunity to work with you. For more information on Peak Retention Consulting, please contact me here.



A big thanks to the unique and multi-talented designer, Joshua Stipancic, for his work developing the Peak Retention logo. There are millions of mountain & peak logos floating around, and Josh totally knocked this one out of the park.

Another big thanks goes out to my good friend, copywriting & marketing extraordinaire, Shawn Veltman of Shawn is brilliant and his skills and expertise help me on a daily basis. He runs Veltman Strategic Consulting which helps big companies refine corporate strategy.