After teaching a Mixergy Master Class on membership site retention last fall, I received a lot of emails asking me to expand on the ideas that I taught in that class.

Shortly after the class, I released a course called the Membership Black Box which was geared towards entrepreneurs and online marketers looking to build a community that was based around their own passion and expertise.

A woman named Kathy Borkoski shelled out the $500 bucks and joined the course. Kathy was working with an expert who was planning to launch a membership site, and their plan was to launch the site after completing the course. But by the end of only the third module, Kathy was ready to move forward with what she’d learned.

They had over 100 members sign up on their very first try.

Kathy sent me this video testimonial of her experience. It’s quite flattering to say the least. But the real moral of the story is that Kathy didn’t sit around twiddling her thumbs; she did the work and it paid off.

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