There’s a local restaurant that my wife and I have been to twice now. Both times, my wife and I both thought that the owner/manager seemed to be a little rude.

Maybe it was just us. Who knows? Maybe she was just having a bad night the two times we were there. Either way, it was two bad experiences that left a sour taste in our mouths.

We decided to let it go.

But then at a recent get together with our friends, I overheard one mention a similar experience at the same restaurant. And then we heard the same thing from another couple.

3 for 3.

I wonder how many more are out there?

How fast could this word-of-mouth marketing be spreading?

Then there’s another local family restaurant we also enjoy eating it.

You walk in and you’re greeted like you’re a part of the family who’s returning home after a long time away! They miss you. It’s an amazing and genuine experience.

You’re not treated like a customer. Instead, you’re treated like a guest coming into their home. They remember you! They remember your favorite meal! They remember the little things!

The interesting thing is that I’ve never heard anyone say anything bad about this place. Yet the first place I mentioned is more expensive, has a nicer location, and is rumoured to have the “better” food.

Unfortunately, I think only one of these restaurants will survive.

The first restaurant seems to be interested in the nightly sales and how fast the tables can be flipped. Faster turnover = bigger profits.

The second restaurant wants to provide amazing service and a lasting and memorable experience.

They give 100% full, undivided attention to the people they’re there to serve. At least that’s the impression you’re left with.

They’ve created an atmosphere that’s much like their actual home. It’s a get together place for friends and family!

Which message would you rather have your business spreading?