My parents were on to something.

Being named Noah in 1980 meant my parents were on the cutting edge of coolness. The name was still largely reserved for the ultra-religious families, but it was starting to make the transition to the side of cool. The name hadn’t yet reached the ultra-mainstream popularity it has now.

My parents are religious people and I’m sure I was named Noah for religious reasons. I still think they were going for the coolness factor.

Growing up, I bore the brunt of all-things-religious jokes. Some people would call me Moses. People would constantly ask where the Ark was or if and when the flood was coming.

Anyone named Noah knows that the “Ark” jokes will never end.

Throughout my life, I’ve also received countless “Noah’s Ark” theme related gifts. I guess we like to associate people and their names with other people sharing the same name.

The funny thing is, the story of Noah’s Ark has always resonated with me personally.

And now, many years later, I’m actually building an Ark. Seriously, it’s true. And I’m working on my Ark as we speak.

Each day when I write this blog, I feel like I’m adding to the construction of my Ark. Cut a few boards, hammer a couple of nails, do a little work on the interior; it’s coming along rather nicely if I may say so myself.

The act of blogging for me is a personal one and part of my daily Ark construction duties. It’s been enlightening, over the past few months, to strike up a routine of blogging on a daily basis. It’s changed both my life, future outlook, and my mental clarity tremendously.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s often a struggle. Each day, the lizard rears his ugly head and I engage in a brief struggle. Usually, I can overcome. If I get the lizard pinned down, then sometimes I’ll write two or three posts in one sitting.

And even though I’ve suggested that the act of blogging is a personal one, it’s also become my primary outlet for sharing things I’ve wanted to say about business, marketing, and entrepreneurship. These are the three things I’m extremely passionate about.

As of just a few months ago, I maintained both a personal blog and my corporate business website. That was the website that shared all the types of services my company of one had to offer. The corporate site is now gone, and that website’s domain name has been forwarded to this one.

My business card used to carry the information about my corporate business and it’s more professional name. Now, my card simply contains my name, a link to this blog, and my phone number.

I’ve stopped worrying about the endless pursuit of making more and more cash and to focus more on doing work that’s important and things that matter. I’m working on creating products and information that will inspire both people and businesses to grow and make positive changes.

There’s not room for everyone on my Ark, but there’s room for a few, if you want to hitch a ride..

And, if you’re not ready to climb on to my Ark because you’re still unsure about my construction abilities and worried there might be leaks, then for heavens-sake, start building your own Ark ASAP.

Don’t end up extinct like the dinosaurs.

The real reason the dinosaurs became extinct.jpg