Who says you can’t do that?

It’s becoming clear to me that one of the greatest secrets to a successful business, and success in every other aspect of life for that matter, is doing things that don’t just go against the grain, but doing things that totally disrupt the status-quo.

The biggest successes, the ones we hear about, seem to come when someone takes something, that was accepted as the norm, or “just the way things are”, and flipping it like a pancake.

Sirius Satellite Radio is a great example. Nothing was really wrong with regular radio. And it was free! Yet millions of people now pay to listen to the radio. I know I do. Go figure.

The iPod is another example. People said the iPod would fail because no one would want to carry all that music in their pockets.

And then people said electronic books would fail. People wanted the sense and touch of a real book. And yet, Amazon is now selling more electronic Kindle books than printed paper books.

There are some people out there that want you to do something disruptive, even though others (and most people) are telling you you can’t.

Most people like things to stay just the way they are or the way they’ve always been. Most people don’t like it when things change. Most people are resistant to change.

If your business is struggling, or your career isn’t moving as fast as you’d like it too, then maybe it’s time to stop talking & listening to “most people”.