37 episodes later there’s a free online show/webcast/podcast (whatever you call it) that pleasantly surprises me week after week. That show is This Week In Startups – also known as “TWIST”

The show is the brainchild of Jason Calacanis. Jason is an entrepreneur with an amazing track record. He started and sold Weblogs, Inc. and more recently he’s the CEO of Mahalo.com. In October of 2009 Mahalo reached 12 million unique visitors and became the 155th largest site in the United States according to Quantcast (source: I got this from wikipedia)

Each week Jason interviews some of the top and most successful entrepreneurs in the biz. What I like most about the show is Jason’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. Here’s a guy that’s been through it all and knows what it takes to create a massively successful business. If you’re working on a startup or looking for advice on how to make your online business a success, you can call in and have a chance to speak to Jason live and get your questions answered.

Sometimes the show runs a little long (2 hours) but you can learn a ton from this show and I highly recommend you check it out. Want another reason to watch? Each week Jason is giving away some pretty awesome prizes like Google Nexus One phones and other goodies….

Hopefully someday soon I’ll have something to call in and talk to Jason about. For now, I listen intently and enjoy learning from the host and guests.