One of the things I’ve learned about being an entrepreneur or starting and running your own business is that most people don’t have the right attitude. As basic as it sounds, you are plaguing your project from the start. I will admit that I started with this mindset. We all do, it’s because we are born with things like fear and courage although it’s easier to be afraid and give in then to be courageous and not give up. I would go into a project and let my own fears bring me down from day one. But I’ve changed and if you want to be successful, you also need to.

Now, with any project I make a conscious decision to dedicate any time to, I know early on it will be successful. Some may think this sounds cocky. Others will see that what I’m actually doing is consciously telling myself that if I’m going to dedicate any amount of precious time to a project, it will be successful. Now, obviously this is not always the case. Not every project will be successful but if you don’t believe so yourself, you have no chance…Zip, Nada, Nothing. You have deemed your project a failure from day one.

Some are going to find it very hard to take on this mindset early on in your endeavors. This will be especially true if you’ve suffered a degree of failures in the past. However, you must make this mindset change. Again, it’s going to be difficult. However, you must view any project with success in mind. In fact, take it a step further. Vision the project, business, website, whatever, vision it to the end. Vision the steps you need to take to get is started, vision the speed bumps and how you tackle them with ease, vision the end result. If the end result is making a million dollars, vision it. Who cares how absurd your vision is.

Is this making sense? You see, the world is a strange place, and who knows, if you believe something enough and truly envision the greatest outcome of your goal, idea, business, etc… It may just find a way to make itself true.

And what happens if you follow this and fail? Do you just give up? I don’t think that’s a good strategy. Just try again and this time envisions the mistakes you made or the unexpected things that happened and envision how you pass them this time with ease.

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