There are times when I really have nothing to say. Today is one of those days. Sure, there are lots of thoughts running through my head, but I’m not sure I feel like writing about any of them.

For example, I thought about blogging about Damion’s spot-on comment yesterday, that an important part of Monty and Tammy’s success was their ability to stick to their decision after making it. Damion brought up Napolean Hill, and he was right on the mark. When Hill studied millionaires and financially successful people, one of the recurring traits he found, over and over again, was that these people constantly make decisions and rarely change their minds after making them.

Think about that for a moment.

Hill said that EVERY, not just a few, but every financially successful person he studied had the ability and skill to make decisions quickly, and frequently acted upon on those decisions.

They don’t waiver on right or wrong.

They don’t second guess themselves.

They have learned to trust gut instinct.

When the decision is made, they stick with it. And if they need to make a new choice or change their decision, they do it slowly and carefully. Changing a decision is never a rushed move.

It’s similar to Monty and Tammy’s situation. When Tammy envisioned the ice cream shop, that was that. The decision was made. They stuck to their decision.

Surprisingly, on the flip side, Hill found that the people who never seem to reach a level of financial success very rarely make decisions. And when they do finally make a decision, they frequently change their minds and change the decisions they’ve already made.

But I don’t really feel like blogging about that today…


What’s for dinner tonight?

What movie should we see on Friday?

Where should we go for our next vacation?

Which way should I turn?

Should we really say that in our advertising?